R-508B is an environmentally friendly azeotropic refrigerant that is completely free of ozone-depleting CFC and HCFC substances. It has been approved and recommended by most of the world’s most popular cryogenic environmentally friendly refrigerants. It is widely used in new refrigeration equipment (ultra-low temperature, copious cooling) on the initial installation and maintenance process. It meets the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA, SNAP and UL, and meets the A1 safety rating category of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (this is the highest level and is harmless to humans).


R508B is a widely used ultra-low temperature refrigerant. Due to its good comprehensive properties, R508B is a very effective and safe CFC-13 (R13, R-13, Freon 13, Freon-13), R-503 and HFC- 23 (R23, R-23, Freon 23, Freon-23) alternatives, mainly used in environmental test chambers / equipment (cold heat impact tester), freeze dryer / freeze dryer, ultra-low temperature refrigerator or freezer, blood bank refrigerator In cryogenic equipment such as biochemical test chambers (including scientific research refrigeration, medical refrigeration, etc.), the low temperature grades used in these cascade refrigeration systems are common. R508B cooling temperature can be reduced to -80 ° C or even lower, is a long-term replacement of industry-standard R-13, R-503 and R-23, it is fully adapted to the R-503 working environment. Although R508B refrigerant is the most popular alternative to Freon R-503 and R13 in new ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment, but because R508B and R503, R13 physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance and compressor oil are not the same, so for the initial installation For the after-sales maintenance of R503 and R13 refrigerant refrigeration equipment, if you need to add or replace the refrigerant, you can only add R503 and R13, usually can not directly replace R503, R13 with R508B (that is usually can not be exchanged).

Handling & Storage

R508B refrigerant cylinders are high-pressure vessels. Keep them away from fire, heat, and direct sunlight. Store them in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Lightly load and unload them during transportation to prevent damage to cylinders and valves.

Lubricant Recommendation

Which refrigeration oil to choose in different equipment and different application places should be determined according to the recommendations of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration (air conditioning) equipment manufacturers, or according to the specific conditions of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration equipment. And the refrigerating machine oil required by the technician, that is, the equivalent refrigerating machine oil.

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