• The Significance of Supercooling and Superheat in Refrigeration System

    The so-called “supercooling” is to recool the saturated liquid after condensation through a device (such as the supercooler) and methods (or measures), so that its temperature is lower than the saturation temperature under the condensing pressure, which is called supercooling. Comparing the temperature of the liquid before and after supercooling, the difference is “degree of supercooling”.Supercooling is to make the refrigerant liquid before throttling reduce the flash gas produced in the throttling process, reduce the specific volume of the flash gas, and improve the unit cooling capacity; At the same time, it also improves the superheat of the return air, which has certain advantages to protect the compressor from wet stroke operation.In the larger refrigeration system, in order to reduce the refrigerant liquid temperature into the throttle valve, reduce the flash gas generated in the throttling or throttling, improve the refrigeration efficiency, in the process design after the reservoir (the…

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  • The price of many varieties of refrigerants has risen sharply

    In 2024, under the influence of the continuous fermentation of the quota policy, the production and sales of the refrigerant market continue to be hot, and the prices of each product have risen by different margins. At the end of February, the price of domestic refrigerant R22 was 22,750 yuan/ton, up 9.9% from January; Refrigerant R134a, R125, R32, R143a, R410A rose by 5.1%, 34.7%, 28.8%, 29.5%, 32.3% compared with the previous month. The current industry operating rate is not high, the overall supply is tight, with the traditional peak season is approaching, manufacturers are keen to sell.Manufacturers raise prices and cherish sales.

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  • R32 Refrigerant: Serious Excess Capacity, Is About To Enter a New Development Cycle

    At present, most high fructose corn syrup refrigerants face the severe test of excess capacity, especially R32 refrigerant. “Sell at a loss to win sales” is a common tactic used by R32 refrigerant companies in the battle for quotas. Entering 2023, the battle for R32 refrigerant quota is over, and production and consumption are about to be frozen. How to develop in the next stage? Worth the attention of the industry. After several years of rapid expansion in the home air conditioning industry with its low price advantage, the R32 refrigerant is now firmly in the forefront of home air conditioning refrigerants. However, the industry for R32 air conditioning market proportion statistics are slightly different. Data provided by Wang Ming, an industry online fluorochemical analyst, shows that in the household air conditioning market in 2022, R22 models will take up less than 1% of the market, R410A models will take…

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  • Supply Balance Demand Rising, Refrigerant Industry Warming

    Instead of the three-year “quota battle”, the refrigerant industry will finally usher in the “spring”.According to the monitoring data of Bachuan Yingfu, from 13,300 yuan per ton at the beginning of this year to more than 14,300 yuan per ton on February 22, since 2023, the mainstream third generation refrigerant R32 rose by more than 10%. In addition, many other models of the third generation of refrigerant prices have increased to varying degrees. Recently, several senior executives of listed fluorine chemical companies told Shanghai Securities News that the refrigerant industry is expected to see a turnaround in 2023, and with the economic recovery and the continuous expansion of downstream application scenarios, the refrigerant market demand is expected to continue to improve in the next few years.Capital Securities said in the latest research report, the third generation of refrigerant base period is expected to end in 2023, the industry is expected…

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  • Refrigerant: Cost loosening superposition demand weak Factories reduce production to maintain prices

    This week, affected by the loosening of upstream raw material prices and insufficient demand support, the volatility of the refrigerant market maintained stable operation. Weekly market characteristics: Affected by the overall weakening of production and sales, the volume of upstream basic raw material products hydrofluoric acid, TCE, methane chloride was light, and the price fell in a narrow range;The remaining raw material prices are fluctuating in a narrow range. In addition, due to the export license is about to end, and the shipping schedule is long and other restrictions, foreign trade orders are coming to an end, and refrigerant manufacturers are cautious about receiving orders. Overall, near the end of the year, domestic and foreign sales demand is weak, mainstream refrigerant manufacturers will continue to produce on demand, and the market price will be adjusted in a narrow range.

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  • Refrigerant R290:The Moment of Highlight

    R290, or propane, is a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant that can be obtained directly from liquefied gas. In contrast to synthetic refrigerants like freon, natural refrigerant R290 does not contain chlorine atoms in its molecules, so it has zero ODP and does not damage the ozone layer. In addition, compared with HFCS, which also do not damage the ozone layer, R290 has a GWP value close to zero, which does not contribute to the “greenhouse effect”.R290, which is perfect for both GWP and ODP, has been unable to reach the mainstream market due to controversy over its classification as an A3 combustible refrigerant.Happily, this barrier has loosened in 2022.In May 2022, IEC said on its official website that the draft IEC 60335-2-40 ED7, Special Requirements for Heat Pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers, was unanimously approved. This means that the IEC standard has been unanimously approved to increase the charging limits for…

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  • Maintain Stability After Refrigerant Rise! R22 Enters the Peak Demand Season

    RefrigerantRefrigerant costs fell slightly last week, the market price stable operation. The average price of R22 is 20000 yuan/ton, the same as last week; R32 mainstream trading price reference 14500 yuan/ton, the same as last week; The average price of R125 is 26,000 yuan/ton, the same as last week; The average price of R134a was 24,000 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week.R22: At the raw material end, the market price of trichloromethane decreased slightly; The supply end, the overall operation is normal, the enterprise production of self-use of raw materials mainly, less foreign sales; The demand end, the terminal market is gradually entering the peak season of demand, the downstream procurement enthusiasm increases, the overall price rises after maintaining stability.R32: At the raw material end, the market price of dichloromethane rises and maintains stability; At the supply end, some manufacturers stop for maintenance, and the supply is slightly strained; At the…

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  • Sample Product

    This video mainly shows the sample room of our company.

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  • 2023 Mega Clima Nigeria

    Mega Clima Nigeria held on July 11-13, 2023. Quzhou Rongqiang Chem attented this exhibition.