Refrigerant R434A


R434A refrigerant is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly refrigerant designed for OEM manufacturers. Its unique formula makes all of its performance almost identical to R22. At a time when many Oems are worried about the high cost of replacing the R22 with the R410a, the R434A completely solves these problems. Because when R434A is used to replace R22 on the production line, there is no need to make any changes to the entire production process, and almost all the original parts can be used.


R434A Refrigerant steel cylinder is a pressurized container. Keep it away from fire, heat and direct exposure to sunlight. It is usually stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. When handling, light loading and unloading should be carried out to prevent cylinder and valve and other accessories from damage.


As a medium and high temperature refrigerant widely used today, R434A is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freeze dryers, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration and other refrigeration equipment. R434A is the only HFC-like refrigerant in the world that can be used in both refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems because it shows good performance against low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature.

Mixture CompositionR125,R143A,R134A,R600A
Molecular Mass104.205468275037
Boiling Point (1atm/℃)-44.9
Critical Temperature (℃)75.462668201934
Critical Pressure (Mpa)3.83897397665659
Critical Density (g/cm3)0.5053
GWP 100 yr
ASHRAEA1(Non-toxic and non-combustible)