Refrigerant R425A


R425A, also known as R-425A, has different characteristics compared with R22 and R407C:

(1) Good environmental performance. R425A has an ozone-destruction potential of 0 and a greenhouse potential of about 960. R425A can be used as a long-term substitute for R22, and its GWP value is about 44% lower than that of R407C, so it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to R407C.

(2) Good safety performance. Like R22 and R407C, R425A is classified as A1, which means non-toxic and non-combustible.

(3) Similar physical property parameters. The physical property parameters of R425A are similar to those of R22 and R407C, and the pressure is similar.

(4) Good thermal performance. The thermal performance of R425A in the original R22 or R407C refrigeration and air conditioning system is comparable to R22, but better than R407C.


R425A refrigerant steel cylinder is a pressure container. Keep it away from fire, heat, and direct exposure to sunlight. Usually, store it in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. When handling, light loading and unloading should be carried out to prevent cylinder and valve and other accessories from damage.


R425A, as a medium and low temperature refrigerant widely used today, is mainly used in household air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, central air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, freezer dryer, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, freezer condensing units, supermarket display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment. Compared with R407C, R425A has more advantages in environmental protection performance, system filling capacity, operation process, refrigeration performance and so on. R425A has been used in batch in some domestic air conditioner enterprises.

Mixture CompositionR32,R134A,R227EA
Molecular Mass90.3064830218313
Boiling Point (1atm/℃)-40.72
Critical Temperature (℃)93.855703910664
Critical Pressure (Mpa)4.49879555263227
Critical Density (g/cm3)0.4821
GWP 100 yr960
ASHRAEA1(Non-toxic and non-combustible)