Refrigerant R433B


R433B refrigerant is also a hydrocarbon refrigerant whose thermal performance is similar to that of R22 refrigerant. The refrigerant can be replaced without changing the refrigeration system. The latent heat of evaporation of R433B refrigerant is relatively large, and the tank temperature drops rapidly within a unit time. It has a relatively small molecular weight of 44. Its flow performance is better, the transmission pressure is low, so the load of refrigeration compressor is relatively small, can be well protected refrigeration compressor.


R433B Refrigerant steel cylinder is a pressure container. Keep it away from fire, heat, and direct exposure to sunlight. Usually, store it in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. When handling, light loading and unloading should be carried out to prevent cylinder and valve and other accessories from damage.


As a medium and high temperature refrigerant widely used today, R433B is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners (small and medium-sized unit air conditioners, household central air conditioners, multi-on-line), mobile air conditioners (automobile air conditioners, etc.), dehumidifiers, freeze dryers, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration and other refrigeration equipment.

Mixture CompositionR1270,R290
Molecular Mass43.9902497379194
Boiling Point (1atm/℃)-42.3
Critical Temperature (℃)96.337732347999
Critical Pressure (Mpa)4.26779552848956
Critical Density (g/cm3)0.2206
GWP 100 yr3