Refrigerant R447B


R447B Refrigerant, alias R-447B. R447B refrigerant with GWP of 714 is a low GWP replacement refrigerant for R-410A used in air conditioning. It is a refrigerant for comprehensive evaluation of GWP, energy efficiency and performance. A non-toxic, non-combustible mixture of R32, R125 and R1234ze(E).


R447B Refrigerant steel cylinder is a pressure container. Keep it away from fire, heat, and direct exposure to sunlight. It is usually stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. When handling, light loading and unloading should be carried out to prevent cylinder and valve and other accessories from damage.


R447B refrigerant, as the most widely used medium and low temperature refrigerant, is mainly used in volumetric, direct expansion, medium temperature commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, such as supermarkets, food industry, cold chain storage, independent storage systems, etc.

Mixture CompositionR32,R125,R1234ze(E)
Molecular Mass63.1236085480967
Boiling Point (1atm/℃)
Critical Temperature (℃)
Critical Pressure (Mpa)
Critical Density (g/cm3)
GWP 100 yr714
ASHRAEA1(non-toxic and non-flammable)