Industry Prosperity Recovery, Refrigerant Prices Generally Upward

This week, refrigerant market prices of raw materials rising superimposed plant production cuts, driven by refrigerant prices.

Weekly market features: Raw material market fluorite powder, hydrofluoric acid production and sales weak, prices temporarily stable; Methane chloride was affected by plant production reduction and shutdown, supply tightening and stronger cost support drove up the price; Tetrachloroethylene production and marketing weakness, narrow price consolidation; The contradiction between supply and demand of other raw material products was eased, and the prices were raised in different amplitude; Upstream raw material price adjustment also pull the general rise in refrigeration prices.

In the short term, refrigerant production and sales are still in the off-season, with light transactions and slow recovery of domestic and foreign markets; However, factories mainly produce according to demand, the industrial operating rate remains low, the supply side continues to tighten, the overall weak balance between supply and demand, and the contradiction between supply and demand is effectively alleviated.

In the long run, with the end of the competition for the quota of the third generation refrigerant, the factory production reduction and guarantee mentality is strong, with the economic recovery and the production and sales growth of the downstream household appliances industry, practitioners have bullish futures, it is expected that the refrigerant price will get out of the loss and return to the level of slight profit.

(Article source: Fluorine Chemical Industry)

Industry Prosperity Recovery, Refrigerant Prices Generally Upward